How to Restore Old Photos Using Photoshop

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Have you ever wondered how to make old images look new online free? Do you want to bring old images back to life with even more sharper and vibrancy details? If so, this page can help? Many of us have old images that hold immense sentimental value but have lost their real luster over time. But instead of discarding them, how about utilizing old image restoration tools to make them brand new? Want to know how? Read on!


How to restore old photo in Photoshop

  • Download the program on its site. Make sure that you access its key site because multiple copy-cat sites provide you to download the program, but all of them do have viruses.
  • Before the old photo restoration, you need to perform some general editing. Ensure to unlock the picture in the layers panel. Then rotate, crop, or resize the picture to correct size and direction. Go to the image menu, and set the 300dpi resolution at least.
  • Pick the picture in the layer panel, and click the copy layer icon at the base to make a copy. Then paste the eye icon next to the real layer to hide it. That is a best way to stop photo damage and save the old image.
  • Locate one scratch or tear, use the Lasso tool to pick it, and make a copy later. Next, pick the clone stamp tool on the toolbar, click the close by area, and cover the scratch or tear area. Here you can zoom in the image to process the details. Do the same to other destroyed areas. When you are done, pick the copies and the picture, click the three-line icon on the layer panel, and pick merge layers.
  • Click and spread the filter menu on the top ribbon, go to Noise, and pick Dust & Scratches. Open the pop-up dialog, replace the radius and threshold until the image looks cleaner, and click OK.
  • Go to Filter, and Noise menu again, and pick to reduce Noise. Reset the options on the pop-up dialog to get rid of the noise from the image. Hit OK to confirm it.
  • Fading is an issue with old vintage photos. To better it, go to the image menu. There are 3 options, Auto Contrast, Auto tone, and Auto color. They can restore faded color without adjusting manually.
  • Now you can save your image in your computer.


How to make old photos look new via CapCut Al feature

If you have ever wished to make old images look new, the magic of Al is here to make it happen, and the top part is that it is free and easy.

  • Upload your image old from your device, CapCut cloud space, Google drive, drop box. You can also drag and drop the file. If you are not sure, explore CapCut old image restoration template for a new starting point.
  • CapCut image photo restoration quickly works its magic, generating a perfect version. Preview the side-by-side transformation of the new and old images.
  • If you want extra creative flair, dive into the “Edit more” section at the top right side. Here, you can explore lots of specs, from transitions to effects and filters, adding that extra touch to your new image.
  • If you are relaxed with the end results, click on “Export” to show a range of export options.


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