How to Recover Old Photos on Any Device

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We all love our memories. In our memory folders, there are some rare clicks which are impossible to replace or repeat. Unfortunately, this kind of data is stored in digital devices and these devices are subject to loss, damage or even hacked in an exceptional situation.

However, the good thing is every device provides ways to protect and recover one’s important data. We need to understand that the process of recovering photos on a device always depends on different factors, such as the type of device, its strength in terms of preserving data, etc.

If you’re using your devices carefully, you have more chances to guard your photos and keep protecting them. Android and iCloud usually provide options for backing up photos automatically through different methods. In these devices, our deleted photos, before being permanently obliterated, are often moved to the folder ‘Recently Deleted’ or Trash for a specific time frame. Several useful apps work magically to recover lost data.

To recover deleted photos on Windows and Mac, you need to visit the ‘Recycle Bin’ and ‘Trash’ respectively. Besides, we can recover our lost data by using the availability of versatile kinds of tools, like Recuva, PhotoRec, Disk Drill, etc.

To ward off the fear about the protection of your photos, some dedicated backup solutions are inevitable.

In this article, we will go through the learning and practical lines of how we can restore our golden clicks. We will move step-by-step.


Recover your photos on Windows


Getting back deleted photos on Windows is not impossible, however, it requires a timely approach.

Every deletion on Windows straightly goes to the ‘Recycle Bin’, the first special spot that stores our deleted photos temporarily. All we need to do is simply open it; locate and select the desired one and restore it.

Similarly, you can protect your photos by regular backing up process. For instance, link your media files with a backup tool, click the Windows start button, and visit your Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Backup and Restore.

If you see that your deleted photos are not available in the Recycle Bin or the limit of Backup options is not useful, the use of Photo Recovery Software, such as Disk Drill data recovery software is often worthwhile in such a situation.  You just need to download, install and launch it; connect an external device, select the disk from the app’s list, search for the lost date, start scanning the disk and recover.

In case, you have a situation where you need a rare option to recover your valuable photos, you can recover it through the Data Recovery Service. When all other options have failed, you may smile while recovering your media files via the service. In such moments, you must find the right service, however, there’s a useful method to find the right one. For example, if you type ‘data recovery services near me’ in the Search Engine, review options carefully, use Google Maps and observe customer reviews, it will make it easier for you to select a good service.


Retrieve Deleted Photos on Mac

The recently deleted items on Mac can be found in the ‘Trash Bin’. Open it, locate your lost photos and put them back.

However, there are more options to save important pictures at any cost. Read the following:

  • Time Machine Backup

It is the built-in backup and recovery tool, you just need to connect the backup disk to your Mac, open the Machine on the clock icon, select browse for backups, locate the items and click to restore your lost one.

  • iTunes Backup

Please note that it will not work if you have not created a backup of your iTunes to an external drive.

If you previously created the backup, just close iTunes, click on the external drive, select the folder, right-click, start copying, paste the iTunes to your desired area, open iTunes, select the location and open it.

  • How Photo Recovery Software Recovers Deleted Images

It rescues the missing pictures very nicely, when the abovementioned options have failed, try it.

Download and install Disk Drill, connect an external storage device, launch the program, and search for lost and scanned data.


Recover Deleted Photos on Android


The media files deleted on an Android device can be retrieved or secured in different ways.

First, always try to store your photos in the cloud. If you lost one, you can find it in the Google Photo app, but you need to note that it only works before 60 days have elapsed. Open the Google Photo app, tap Menu > Trash, touch and hold the photo and tap to restore it.

Second, the OneDrive app enables us to recover our lost media files. You just need to launch the app, select Me in the bottom navigation and select the Recycle Bin.

Third, it talks about the benefits of Dropbox. If you’re a user of it and lost your photos, just open a web browser, navigate and open Dropbox, request a desktop site, sign into your account, tap Files, select deleted files and tap to restore.

Fourth, to recover files from an Android SD card, connect it to a computer, and use data recovery software to scan the card.


Recover Deleted Photos from iPhone

This kind of experience with an iPhone device is stressful. However, it’s not impossible.

First of all, you need to find your deleted items in the recently deleted photos, but this folder stores data only for 30 days. 

If the 30 days have elapsed, do it with a recovery tool or software. You can also recover your data from an iPhone, you just need to restore a previous iTunes and iCloud backup.


It’s important to remember that while there are many options available for recovering lost data, it’s always more effective to take preventative measures to protect your data in the first place. Every recovery process can come with its issues, so it’s important to take precautions. For example, saving your photos through backup, creating multiple partitions, and auto-uploading your photos to the cloud can help protect your data. And always think twice before deleting any important files!


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