Best Photo Restoration Software to Download in 2024

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Have any of your old photos been damaged over time? Want to save them for future generations, but do not know how? Most people scan their old albums to save them from getting ruined, but in this case, your digital copies will still get torn and fade. So what to do? Fortunately, there are old photo recovery software to restore your photos to their former glory.

Photo recovery can be a detail-heavy task. For this reason, using a desktop computer can be a good option. The computer screen is larger, so you can see more clearly what needs to be done to repair the image. Not to mention, most powerful desktop computers have more RAM than smartphones, so you’ll be able to get older photo enhancements done faster.

In this article, we mentioned 4 best Photo Restoration Software overviews in 2024. So, let’s get started it!



Adobe Photoshop | Best Photo Restoration Software Overall


Adobe Photoshop CC is a professional-level photo editing software, that’s packed with tools to help you navigate whatever your image needs to look new again.

In the past, I’d hesitate to recommend Photoshop as a way to restore your old photos, since the interface and tools are rather complex.


  • Powerful software
  • Works with all image formats
  • Huge range of tools
  • One-click AI tools
  • Available for Mac OS and Windows


  • Subscription-based
  • Steep learning curve for other editing work

In any case, now with the modern AI Generative Fill tool, Photoshop is officially the best photo restoration program bar none. In just a few clicks, Photoshop uses AI to restore old photographs, similar to does with its amazing neural filters> Photo Restoration command. You can indeed utilize the Generative Extend tool to extend the size of your old photographs past what was initially there – you would like to see it to believe it:

With the center Photoshop tools, you’ll be able to on your image’s color profile, adjust the temperature, enhance detail, and remove areas of grain. You also have to get more advanced tools for getting into the more precarious work – removing stains, folds, tears, and scratches – and pressing out inconsistencies.

For example, there’s the mending brush, which you’ll utilize to either consequently repair pixels or to sample pixels to utilize in other areas of the photo.

You also have the clone stamp tool which copies pixels and pastes them into the image.

For a more programmed approach, you’ll be able the ‘object mindful refine mode’ to delete particular points of interest from the photographs, or just go all the way and the ‘photo restoration neural filter’, to consequently restore your old photographs.



PhotoGlory PRO | Windows Picture Restoration Software


PhotoGlory Pro is one of the finest photo restoration software for beginners. It comes in three different packages: Standard, Exclusive, and Pro.

All versions come with automatic photo restoration, which gets rid of dust, tears, stains, and other defects without you requiring to do anything. You can then get in there with the software’s manual tools, just like the stamp or mending brush, in case there are still imperfections that require cleaning up.


  • AI tools
  • Easy to use
  • One-time payment
  • Different versions for different needs


  • Only available for Windows

PhotoGlory PRO’s AI guesses the colors in case you would like color adjustment, and can also add a vintage finished look to your picture that corresponds to the original.

If you pay a little more, both the Exclusive and Pro versions moreover offer manual coloring and the capacity to recreate lost parts of a picture. Exceptionally convenient for photographs that are in an especially awful state, and for common picture damage repair.



Luminar NEO Restoration


Luminar NEO is, similar to Photoshop, a photo restoration software that’s suitable for intermediate users and upwards.


  • User-friendly photo restoration software
  • One-time payment
  • Good range of tools
  • Compatible with Windows and Mac


  • Relatively expensive
  • No dedicated old photo restoration tool

The key difference and one that will be a huge deal for numerous is that while Photoshop is only available as a membership, you’ll purchase Luminar Neo outright.

If you need to do things naturally, it has AI features that will adjust color, presentation, and other picture details. And, in case you need to require a more manual approach, there is a clone stamp tool and mending brush for removing all sorts of damage and settling blurry photos.

Plus, there are also a variety of other tools for upgrading detail, removing excess noise or grain, and adjusting color temperature and areas of uneven color.

While it doesn’t have a devoted old photo restoration tool per se, you’ll be able to utilize its natural AI tools to restore damaged photographs much more easily than in case you were attempting to do digital photo fixing manually.



VanceAI Photo Restorer | Online Photo Restoration Program


VanceAI Photo Restorer is a fully online pay-as-you-go photo restoration software, so it’s particularly good for those people who only have a few photos to take care of.


  • Can be used online
  • AI tools
  • Pay-as-you-go


  • Could get expensive if you don’t keep track
  • No control over final edits


You’ll be able to restore some of the pictures to begin with (with a watermark) without charge before you take the jump and purchase a subscription. Its establishment is profound learning, which analyses your picture and after that removes or decreases different sorts of picture degradation.

You can utilize the photo restoration program to upgrade picture quality, decrease unwanted clamor and grain, and improve photo sharpness. If your picture is small and of low resolution, VanceAI Photo Restorer’s tools can increase photo resolution by 800% without influencing the quality.

It also includes a black-and-white photo colorizer feature which be utilized to add colors to your old black-and-white photos – perfect for photo rejuvenation.

Although the photo restoration software doesn’t provide you any manual control over how your photos are restored, there are some essential editing tools – for example, modifying and sharpening – included.


Photo Restoration Online for Free

These are our favorite photo restoration programs that you can use for free. Simply upload an old photo and let the software do the rest.

Wondershare Repairit

Based on AI technology, it offers free online AI photo Restoration. It has a good success rate in removing scratches and stains, sharpening old, blurry photos, and enhancing colors.


Gimp is basically Photoshop but free and open-source. It’s extremely powerful, with a huge range of photo editing tools. As such, it’s not for the beginner who wants a quick fix, but more for those who want to get deep into manual edits.

This is a free online photo restoration program that does what the name suggests, it restores photos. You can select from a ‘Restore Photo’ option (which figures out everything for you), or, if you have particular jobs you want it to do, you can also choose from ‘Increase Photo Quality’, ‘Remove Image Backgrounds’, ‘Increase Image Resolution’, and ‘Colorize Image’.

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