How to Fix Washed Out Photo

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Photographs hold a unique place in our hearts. They’re not only photos but a true representation of our cherished moments and memories. Whether it is family event or wedding of your best friend, photos allows us to relive these moments again and again.

However, sometimes, the images we take can appear washed out and dull. Seeing your once colorful and vibrant photos become lackluster and lifeless can be stressful.


Major reasons behind washed out photos

  • Poor lighting conditions –Uneven lighting can result in washed out images with less contrast and saturation.
  • Wrong Camera Setting or Exposure –If you cam setting are not adjusted in right way, the image can look too dark or bright and resulting in washed out.
  • Low quality Camera –Low quality cameral also results in images with no sharpness or detail. This ultimately leads to washed out images.
  • Inefficient post processing strategies –If your editing skills are not up to the mark or you’re using the wrong app to edit them, it can also lead to washed out image.

Apps you can used to fix Washed out Photos

To fix a washed out image, you can use these apps that are available for both Apple and Android devices.

  • Remini –This application is a perfect choice if you’re looking for an AI-powered image restoration application. It can fix washed out, damaged images and restore color saturations with one click.
  • YouCam Enhance –This application is created mainly for image restoration and is ideal of repairing scratches, tears and faded ears. YouCam Enhance can also colorize black and white photos for amazing realistic outcomes.
  • Photoshop Express –This application is a free version of Photoshop and available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app has bunch of features to fix washed out images including the ability to fix contrast, brightness and saturation level.
  • Snapseed – It provides a user-friendly features like tune image, letting users to fix contrast, brightness, saturation and ambiance for complete image correction. The details tool can enhance fine details without any damages to noise and help to address localized issues in brightness.
  • Picsart –This application is a top name when it comes to fixing images. It has tons of features including frames, ability to add filters and text to your photos.
  • Phtomyne –Another perfect application for restoring or fixing dull, fade and washed out photos. It can scan multiple images at once and automatically fix, crop and save them as separate files.
  • Adobe Lightroom –This app provides a complete set of tools for adjusting washed out images. Users can easily fix the exposure to fix overall brightness and use the tone cure for targeted settings to specific tonal ranges. You can fix color balance and do everything you want to make it perfect.


These applications use AI technologies to fix damaged, old and washed out photos and add new life into them. To fix your images, all you need to do is upload your image to the app and use their features to fix the image, then you can easily download the restore image.

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